Park usage guidance

Request from Nishitani Forest Park
It is everyone’s park. Let’s cherish.
When using the park, we ask that you protect the following from the viewpoints of safety of visitors, protection of wildlife, habitat conservation, fire prevention, and prevention of inconvenience to the surrounding area.


  • There are no trash cans in the park. Please bring home trash such as food and drinks.
  • Dogs should be on the lead. Let’s get rid of the dung and take it home.
  • Please do not use fire such as bonfire, fireworks, barbecue. (Excluding the color of the farm offie in the west valley and the cooking stove and stove)
  • Camping is prohibited.
  • No bicycles, motorcycles or cars are allowed inside the park. Please park in the designated parking lot.
  • The surrounding roads are local life roads and agricultural roads. Do not park on the street.
  • Collection of animals and plants is prohibited. Please cooperate not to break ecosystem.
  • Fishing in the pond, etc. in the park or in the surrounding area is prohibited.
  • Depending on the season, wildlife may appear in the park. Please follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Be careful not to make loud noises or noises.
  • When entering a small child, be sure to be accompanied by a guardian to ensure safety.
  • Most of the park is satoyama. Please note that there are many places where mobile phones cannot be reached.
  • Restrooms are only found in the East Valley Management Building and West Valley Farm Building. If you are strolling, please complete the toilet in advance.
  • Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any troubles in the park.

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